Blue Bird Day School > 3/24/23

Mar 24, 2023


First and foremost, we need to highly apologize as we are taking what was brought to us from a parent this morning very seriously. This is an extreme issue that families need to know how we are going to move forward to resolve. Many of you have been with us through Ms. Erica and Ms. Haley never had we had this type of issues. Unfortunately, we cannot predict when issues will arise and how staff will handle each situation. We always hope that it is handled with the best interest for the children’s health and well-being.

A parent brought to our attention this morning (Friday March 24 at 9:14AM) stating we have serious plumbing issues. At 10:23AM our maintenance man arrived at Arlington and additionally at 10:40AM our plumber arrived at the school. We understand your concerns and worry have left you no recourse but to contact Arlington County, we have yet to receive the results of the inspection that began today at 11:05AM.

We would like to reassure you we immediately took care of the plumbing issues and by 11:32 the issue was resolved. We highly apologize for bringing this undue worry and stress on to your families and know without a doubt moving forward Arlington will continue to be a strong, positive learning environment for all children.

On a positive note, for those of you that aren’t aware our finding qualified applicants over two years and has been difficult and unfortunately continues. We thankfully are in a position to share with you we have found a qualified Lead Teacher for our preschool program, her name is Tashiya Garnett. We will be sending out a formal letter very soon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.