School should provide a happy relaxed and supportive environment that contributes to the development of the child. This development should occur physically, socially , emotionally and cognitively. Each of these areas combined form a puzzle that all persons are required to have to understand the world and their place in it.  We believe children need many chances to excel in these respective areas.  We hope to achieve this through the questions we ask, goals we set, information we provide and by the behavior we model.
We cannot accomplish learning for children, however we can help children develop problem solving skills, become observers of their environment around them and learn to take responsibility for their own education. Children are naturally inquisitive they want and like to learn.  Our challenge is to keep this desire alive by helping them understand their world through senses, feelings and their intellects. 
A child’s image of themselves is very important to the learning process he/she must feel that his/her ideas, feelings and emotions are worthwhile. Through many experiences a child eventually will build a self-esteem. This self-esteem is important for aiding further success and motivation for learning.
Each child is unique in his/her emotions, skills, interests and mental capacities. It is our role to assess where each child “is” respective to the growth pattern and provide a broad spectrum of learning experiences for all of the children.
Playing is a child’s work. This allows a child to express themselves and make sense of this world.  Play provides a learning cognitive concept. It promotes social development as well as sensitivity through play, children learn to initiate and sustain relationships with others, beginning to build bonds, trust and begin to mature emotionally. 
It is our goal to provide a supportive atmosphere that will encourage each child to develop physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially. 
Staff are assigned to a specific class/group. This allows children to develop the relationships and trust necessary to comfortable explore and learn from their surroundings.