Our Policies

General Policies

Enrolling your child

To enroll your child you must sign the registration form and all of its components. Provide the Certificate of Health and Immunization Record and proof of identity of your child as required by Virginia Law. Along with the non-refundable registration fee. Please read this manual so you will have a clear understanding of our policies and procedures. To disenroll your child we require a month’s notice. If notice is not given you will be expected to pay a month’s tuition. We reserve the right to disenroll a child when necessary. Some of the reasons but not limited to are: refusal or inability to follow policies and procedures, a parent or child’s needs cannot be met, failure to meet payment schedules.


Tuition payments will be due each Monday (or the first day of attendance)for the current week or on the first day of the month (or the first day of attendance) if you choose the monthly payment method. A fee of $25.00 will be charged for all returned checks. Unpaid balances will result in disenrollment.


In some cases school uniform may be required. Children will be required to wear uniform at all times during school. If a child comes without one that child will not be allowed to attend school that day.


Our general policy is to review tuition fees annually. In case of tuition adjustment parents will receive at least a one months notice. Some additional fees may be necessary from time to time to cover additional costs such as but not limited to field trips, special events, books. The tuition is not pro-rated or refunded if a child is absent due to illness, vacation, or personal reasons.

Fee schedule

                                                 Weekly                               Monthly

                                          Infants $370.00                        $1,600.00 (not available in all locations)

           Non toilet trained toddlers $350.00                         $1,510.00 (not available in all locations)

                                       Toddlers $335.00                         $1,450.00

                                            Pre-K $335.00                         $1,450.00

                                               K-6 $370.00                         $1,600.00 (not available in all locations)


We are closed for ALL Federal holidays and the Friday after Thanksgiving.


How do we make our decision? We make the decision to close or close school in bad weather based on a careful analysis of all relevant factors, including: Information on road conditions. • Amount of snow and ice accumulation. • Lack of electricity/heat in buildings. • Weather predictions. We prefer to make our decision on factors other than weather predictions, which are not always accurate, but sometimes this is unavoidable. How to find out school closings? • All closings related decisions will be posted on the schools web site. • If you wish to receive an email please register at our web site. (Not 100% accurate as some servers see such emails as junk) • We post closing announcements on WJLA TV Channel 7. • There will be no announcement left on the schools answering machine. Some locations may have teacher work days, in such an event you will be given ample notification.

Personal belongings

The toys and educational materials are shared by all children as part of the learning experience. We have an ample supply of equipment and materials. We cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to any personal possessions children bring to school. It sometimes is distressing for children to lose personal belongings. For this reason we ask you to encourage your child to leave toys and other personal items at home. Multiple child discount When multiple children from the same family attend the same school a discount for the second child is applied to the tuition fee. For more information ask your center director

Late pickup

Hours of operation are7:00 am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday. Late pick up of children can seriously impact staff members' personal lives, therefore, if a child is not picked up by 6 p.m. , you will be called (a charge of $1.00 per minute will be assessed to parents who leave their child beyond the regular closing time. That charge is payable immediately to the staff member who is responsible for the child’s care) If there is no answer, we will call the emergency contacts you provided. If neither you nor the emergency contacts have been reached by 7:30 p.m., the police and Child Protective Services will be notified.


Sign in/out

Parents are required to sign their child in and out daily using the form located near the school’s entrance. If someone other than the parent/guardian will be picking the child from the school, prior written authorization must be made. In the registration package the parent/guardian is required to give the information of two additional adults who are authorized to pick up the child in case of emergency. Proper legal ID is required before releasing the child to someone other than the parents. Please be advised that a photocopy of such ID will be made and kept in the child’s file. There is an open door policy for parents wishing to visit with their child/children. A court order is required to be part of the child’s file if either parent is prohibited from picking up the child. We will abide by all legally served court orders and we will inform the parent/guardian who enrolled the child of all court orders served to us.

Emergency procedures

We schedule, practice and document monthly fire drills (fire alarm/whistle sounds), and biannual shelter in place drills (hand bells sounds). Each school has developed an emergency evacuation system designed to meet the needs of that location. Evacuation plans are posted in each location. In the unlikely event of disaster conditions all children will be evacuated to an emergency shelter where they will await for your arrival. Should such an emergency occur the School will attempt to notify you as soon as possible and a notice will be posted at the school with information about the shelter.


In the event your child is injured while attending, first aid will be administered and you will be notified in writing. If treatment by a Doctor is required, we will make every effort to contact you. If we cannot contact you we will attempt to contact the emergency contacts provided by you (that is why accurate, current information is necessary.) If we fail we will make sure your child receives emergency treatment (911) until we can reach you.


We provide limited transportation between our schools. Attendance records child emergency information and parental release to be transported are kept on the bus. Our drivers are required to have a CDL.


Medical requirements We adhere to state and local regulations regarding immunization records for your child. Such records are to be kept current. Validated proof of immunization should be submitted as your child receives new immunizations or booster shots(every six months for children under 2 years of age annually thereafter).


When administering medication, our primary concern is the health and safety of the child. We will not administer expired or non age appropriate medication unless we have medical authorization as required by law. An authorization form must be signed by the parent/guardian for us to administer medication, not to exceed amounts and frequency of dosage specified on the medicine label and for no more than ten continuous days unless accompanied by a physicians authorization. Prescription medication MUST be in its original container bearing the pharmacist’s label, that includes instructions for dosage, the child’s name, a current date and the name of the prescribing physician or other health professional. Over-the-counter medicine, (including but not limited to sunscreen, diapering ointment, insect repellent) must be in its original container, accompanied by the original printed instructions and within expiration limits. All medication will be administered by staff that have had the “Medication Administration” training. We will record any pertinent observations and/or medication errors. All medication is kept locked and away from the children’s reach. In case of emergency at least one of our staff is CPR/First Aid trained. In the event of an emergency 911 will be notified first following notification of the parents.


Children who are ill may not attend the school. If your child becomes ill while attending school we will notify you for his/her immediate pick up. Some of the symptoms but not limited to are: Fever of 100F or higher Contagious skin or eye infection Diarrhea (three or more times in the course of two hours) Vomiting Severe coughing Yellow or green nasal discharge If your child is sent home with fever he/she must be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. State law requires that parents be notified in case their child becomes exposed to certain contagious diseases. This will be done through the posting of a notice at the school. In case your child becomes infected with a contagious disease please notify the school immediately, so that families of children exposed to the contagious disease are notified.


Our goal is to teach the children self-control, as well as respect for the teachers and their classmates. All discipline is administered with love and concern. We do not want students to think of school as a place of punishment, but where order is present, and obedience is necessary for the good of all the children enrolled. If a child is having a difficult time following the rules, we ask them to stop, refocus and return when they are ready. If the child is having frequent difficulties, the teacher will notify the parent first orally then in writing. If a problem continues, the parents will be asked to come in for a conference. We are interested in working with the parents to help the child. If the problem persists administration reserves the right to expel or disenroll a child.


Young children usually bite as a result of their inability to communicate, or as a response to another child taking away their toy. In such case the child receiving the bite will be comforted and the bite area will be cleaned to prevent infection and the parent will be notified in writing. The biter will be redirected. His/her parents will also be notified of the event. Most children stop biting soon after these actions have been taken. For the children who continue to bite, it might become necessary to remove from the center, for a short period of time or even permanently.

Toilet training

If you are in the process of toilet training your child please let us know so that we can do the same. We cannot toilet train children without parental assistance.

Food and nutrition

Except for infants we provide all day students with two snacks and a meal each day. All snacks and meals are planned to meet the nutritional requirements of children. Menus are provided in the monthly newsletter. In case you do not want for your child to have certain items on the menu please notify us.

Rest time

All children up to age five who spend a full day at the school are required to rest for two hours.

Child abuse and neglect

We are required by law to report suspected child abuse and neglect; penalty for failure to report(§63.2-1509 Code of Virginia). This legal requirement includes any teacher or other person employed in a public or private school, kindergarten or nursery school in a group of professionals referred to as mandated reporters..


Educational programs The educational part of our program is the “Highreach Learning” and/or “Scholastic Curriculum”

Staff training

We support the professional development of our staff, since they are the cornerstone of our philosophy. We offer them various developmental classes and encourage them to further their education by supplementing it.

Outdoor play

The playground structures are age appropriate and selected for the child’s total development. Our staff is trained in playground safety procedures.



A developmental checklist for children birth - 6 years will be sent home biannually. Followed by the opportunity for a conference with the child’s teacher. Lesson plans Each teacher will provide you with a monthly outline of the planed activities for the month.

Daily notes

Students 6 weeks up to Pre-K will receive daily notes informing you of all aspects of your childs day. Optional Services

Field trips

We occasionally plan exciting educational and recreational field trips. You will be notified well in advance of such events and if you want your child to participate you will have to sign a permission slip for your child to participate. In some cases there will be a fee associated with such a trip.

School pictures

School pictures are taken at least once a year. There is no charge for the photo session and the purchase of pictures is optional.

Extracurricular activities

Our enrichment programs can add to your child’s development. Such programs may include music lessons, gymnastics etc. Such programs are optional as some may require an additional fee.

Chain of Command

The center is governed by a chain of command that consists of Management, Center Director, Assistant Director, Lead Teachers, and Teacher’s Aids