Blue Bird of Alexandria > 2/20/30

Mar 30, 2020


We wanted to keep all of our families updated on the announcement made earlier today by the Governor and what it means for our families and schools. Two of the major takeaways from the executive order are as follows:

· Residents of Virginia must stay at home unless they are getting food, medical attention or help from law enforcement, among other essentials.

· The state does allow residents to go outside to take care of loved ones and animals, travel to child care, exercise, travel to work and volunteer with charitable groups.

As we are deemed an essential business this order does not change how we will be operating day to day. We have given all of our staff members letters describing where they work and that they provide a critical service during this pandemic. We will be talking with our State representative to ensure no other changes need to be made to keep within guidelines.

Thank you all again and we hope everyone is keeping healthy and safe.