Blue Bird of Alexandria > 4/1/20

Apr 1, 2020


We are always striving to address concerns and questions from our families and after a number of suggestions we will be trying to address some of the more common questions ahead;

1. Are staff being paid?
Yes, our staff are being paid for the number of hours they are currently working and closer to normal hours if afforded by the tuition coming in. Once we go through the process of applying for the CARE Act loan, which can be applied for on Friday April 3rd, and if we get approved, we will be paying full hours to all staff. No salaries have been lowered and no staff have been laid off or fired due to the pandemic. We are also continuing to pay our driver, cook, landscapers, and maintenance personnel.

2. We are not essential personnel.
Am I still able to bring my child into school?
Yes, we will not be turning families away at the door. We have ample space to accommodate more children than we have. If you would like to come into the center to have your children be with friends, do activities and have a small amount of normalcy added back into their lives than please contact us and we will be sure to keep families updated on our current capacity.

3. Does the Governor's stay at home order restrict me from coming in?
No, the latest order coming from the Governor's office does not include dropping off and picking up your child/children from a child care center.

4. Do you have plans to add online learning for the students?
We have begun to post exercises on the app, Class Dojo, for our 3-year-old classrooms and up. We are not a technologically driven program and some of our teachers are more comfortable with in class learning so we feel it is best not to force a teacher into an uncomfortable position. We have also created development packs for the same age range to provide some at home work.

5. Why is April's tuition not discounted?
We have not discounted April's tuition as there are so many factors yet to be determined that in order to ensure we can pay our staff, purchase supplies, pay monthly utilities, mortgage and regular repairs, among other expenses, we felt this was our best option. With the unknown variables of what percentage of families will be continuing with tuition and whether or not we will be approved for the CARE Act loan we simply felt this was our best option to remain open and serving the community and our staff who are now relying on us more than ever. Once we receive more data and information, we will be determining what type of discount can be applied for the upcoming months. We are also trying to work with our families who have been severely financially impacted by the pandemic on a case by case basis.

6. Why can our space not be secured if we dis-enroll?
Even as this pandemic continues, we have families looking into arrangements for child care. As well as some families that were intending to begin care with us the past number of weeks, and the months ahead who have now rescheduled for a later date. It is for that reason we cannot guarantee that space will be available to all of our families and will be placing names on our waitlist on a first come first serve basis to those who are interested.

We hope this clarifies some questions that may have been lingering with some of our families. We would also like to take a moment to thank everyone on behalf of our entire staff for the letters of encouragement and compassion that we have received, know that it truly makes a difference and keeps us determined and ready to see this situation through to the end.