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May 2020

Apr 22, 2020

To All of Our Families,

We hope all of our families are doing well and everyone is doing as well as can be expected in these unprecedented times. As of now no new information has been passed down to us in terms of lifting newer regulations but as soon as we become aware of any new information, we will be sure to pass it along to you.
This letter is primarily being written as a way to inform our families that we have received the loans through the CARE Act and will be able to provide a 65% discount for the month of May for currently enrolled families not in attendance and wanting to secure their space. Ahead we will have a list of said pricing:

Weekly Monthly
Infants: $126 $546
Non-Toilet Trained Toddlers: $119 $514.50 Toddlers: $113.75 $490
Kindergarten-2nd Grade: $126 $546
2 Children: $199.50 $864.50

As a show of appreciation, we would also like to extend a 10% discount to those families still in attendance. We thank all of our families for your continued support we could not do any of this without all of you. It has allowed us to continue paying all our staff their full hours and keep up with maintenance and ensuring our schools are the best that they can be. May your families all continue staying healthy and safe.