Blue Bird of Alexandria > 5/10/20

May 10, 2020


We are sure all of you are aware the Governor of Virginia recently announced the Phase 1 plans for reopening businesses across the state. As of this moment Phase 1 does not impact the schools in any way in terms of necessary procedures or class size limitations. However, in anticipation of more families rejoining the schools in the coming weeks we will be implementing new rules to continue ensuring the safety of the students and staff in attendance.
We will begin by requesting that all family members dropping off children to the school wear face coverings. If you have forgotten or do not have a face covering then we will ask that you remain in the lobby to drop your child/children off and not make your way into the classrooms.
Secondly, we will be sure to test every child's temperature upon entering the school. Anything above 99 degrees Fahrenheit and we will have to ask that the student remain at home until the child is fever free.
We know with everyone working together we can ensure a safe environment for everyone involved. Thank you all again for your patience and we will be sure to inform everyone regarding changes in Phase 2 and 3 once we have more information.