Blue Bird of Alexandria > 5/17/20

May 17, 2020


We hope that everyone is doing well in these difficult times and would like to express our gratitude to all of the support that our schools have been shown these past months. We are writing this letter to go through the changes that we have implemented since beginning this pandemic to try and ease the minds of some families that will no doubt be returning in the coming weeks with businesses getting set to reopen. Ahead we will list the changes that have been put in place:
· Began taking temperatures of staff, parents and children upon entering the facility.
· Making face covers mandatory for parents or other persons picking up to enter classrooms. Also requiring advanced notice of other persons picking up and entering the facility.
· Made hand sanitizer available to all adults coming into the facility.
· Washing of children's and staff's hands in the morning and periodically through the day.
· Enhanced our sick policy for staff and children. Children with a temperature over 99 degrees will not be permitted to attend until the temperature is under control for 48 hours. Staff who are sick cannot return to work unless fever free for at least 48 hours up to one week.
· Strictly adhering to the 10 per class policy.
· Cleaning and sanitizing frequently used surfaces daily, deep cleaning every Friday.

We hope that these changes will make all of our families more comfortable in bringing their children back to school with all of us and their friends. Our main priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our students and staff alike.
On a separate topic we will be maintaining the discounted tuition rate of 65% off for those families not attending. Once we are aware of what the situation will look like in July we will once again be sure to keep all of our families aware of any changes that will be made.

Thank you all again and we hope everyone continues staying healthy and safe.