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Covid-19 procedures

Aug 17, 2020

Dear Parents and Families,

Given the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis that is spreading through our country, I want to assure you that we are monitoring the situation closely. Based on information we have at this time, we will continue to operate to minimize disruption to you and your family. If the situation should change, we will notify you immediately.
Effective immediately and for the foreseeable future, we are taking extra precautions to ward off Coronavirus. We are taking these extra steps to support the health and safety of the children, your family and our staff.
Please take note of the following changes to our policies and procedures:

Check-In and Pick-Up

?   Families are greeted at the door where a staff member proceeds to take temperature of adults and children.

Healthy Environment

?   We separate children into smaller groups that fall within state or local guidelines.
?   We do not share equipment and clean equipment between uses.
?   All classrooms remain separated to reduce the number of children in one area and to reduce the possibility of viral transmission.
?   Staff disinfect frequent-touch surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, faucets, toys and games that children play with at least once daily.
?   We perform an enhanced deep cleaning every night in all areas, on all touched surfaces.
?   Staff will have access to anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and disposable gloves and use them as needed.
?   Staff washes/scrubs their hands and children’s hands a minimum of hourly (noted by the CDC as the most effective preventive measure).

Meal Preparation & Service

?   All surfaces are disinfected before meal preparation and feedings using CDC- or EPA-approved products.
?   All staff washes hands before and after meal preparation and feeding.

Child Health

?   Staff received training on COVID-19 symptoms as well as preventive measures.
?   Face covering is mandatory for all staff, parents while inside the school.
?   Children who start to experience symptoms of respiratory illness, including a fever of >100.4 while at child care, will be isolated from other children until they can be picked up.

Staff Health & Wellness

?   Staff do not share their phones, devices, meals or utensils with one another or children.
?   Staff do check their temperature at the beginning of each shift and notify their supervisor if >100.4 as well as self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and notify their supervisor if any develop (fever or respiratory symptoms).
?   Staff wash their hands immediately upon entering the program and immediately prior to leaving.
?   Staff will not be allowed to work if they are feeling ill or experiencing respiratory symptoms.
?   No unpaid vacation weeks will be allowed to be used by families during this time period.
?   As long as we are open and your child is in attendance, tuition will be due in full. This includes if we are only open for a portion of a week and need to close for the remainder of the week.
?   If you are able to work from home and choose to keep your children at home, you will be required to pay all of your normal weekly tuition to retain your spot.
?   If you choose to pull your child out and not pay, there is no guaranteed spot upon a request to return.


?   If the current situation changes we will notify everyone by email.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we implement these procedures. Our goal is to minimize disruption while at the same time keeping you, your family and our staff healthy and well.


School Management