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Covid-19 Rules reminder

Jan 13, 2022


As the majority of our families are aware, we are having a drastic increase in the need to close classrooms due to positive COVID tests. With that said we would like to remind all our families of our school policy in regards to COVID.

No children can attend if any person in the household has any signs of being ill or has been exposed to COVID in any way and the involved parties have been properly tested. This includes all adults and children. If you are in doubt if your child/children can attend safely for everyone, please call your designated school. Unless we work together and all families adhere to our policy and be forthright we will be forced to continue closing classrooms. This puts an abundance of stress on the children and parents alike that depend on the school being open in order to go to work . Let's work together and get this under control.

On a different but related topic, our first hand experience with COVID home tests have been extremely unreliable.