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Covid-19 Protocol updates

Mar 25, 2022

Covid-19 Protocol updates


We have been waiting so very long to be able to move in this direction. With the new guidelines, mask mandates and COVID-19 cases decreasing, we are updating the protocols and procedures in existence. Below you will find the steps we will be taking to continue to have a safe and healthy learning environment.

1- Beginning April 1st, masks will be optional for all staff members.

2 - Pick up and drop off will continue as is. We will keep evaluating the pandemic progress, summer/traveling months and the removing of the mask, and if we keep moving in a positive direction, hopefully if everything goes well we will see everyone’s smiling faces indoors in September 2022.

3 - Per new Virginia guidelines no more class closures unless there are more than three cases in a particular classroom.

4 - Siblings of COVID-19 infected children even if not tested positive must quarantine for five days.