Blue Bird of Alexandria > Update

Mar 18, 2020


We are aware of a mandate by Virginia's Governor that dictates a specific set of directives in order to safely proceed in the current conditions and to primarily give care to those families in the medical and first responder field. Following the press conference in describing these measures we immediately contacted our State representative who was unaware of when these directives may be implemented. Once they are we intend to follow all the directives as described, until that time we have been told to carry on as we have been.

As an additional precaution we also ask that you please refrain from bringing any unnecessary belongings from home and using ziplock bags or other disposable bags if needed.

We thank you all for your cooperation and due diligence in these trying times. We hope that we will all be able to get back to a sense of normalcy sooner rather than later. We will be sure to keep everyone updated once we have more information to pass along.