Blue Bird of Alexandria > 3/23/20

Mar 23, 2020


An order was passed by the Virginia Governor's office dictating that all non-essential businesses close and public schools remain closed the rest of the school year. The non-essential businesses list applies largely to indoor malls, gyms, restaurants and some recreational facilities. We do not fit under this category as we as a daycare facility are deemed an essential business so we will continue operating under the same guidelines as we have been. In addition, with public schools being closed the remainder of the school year, we have been tasked with providing care to our families with students in the public-school system up to 2nd grade (Blue Bird of Alexandria II). This again is to ensure that families unable to stay at home have a place for their children to attend.

On another note we are sure that families have noticed some staff members not being around in the morning or afternoon. We are changing our scheduling of staff to ensure every single person receives payment in a fair and balanced way. Please understand that staffing is not the only expense that is required to ensure we are able to remain open to provide our services to those who need it. What we can guarantee our families struggling with the idea of continued payment of tuition is that we are not profiting from this pandemic and are simply trying to provide an essential service to our families and take care of our staff.

We would also like to share with our families that we are gathering work materials for all students over the age of 3. Starting March 24th, you may come in to receive a workbook for your child/children's classroom to ensure they will remain busy and up to date for when classes resume. We hope this will take a small burden away from some families and add a touch of normalcy into the lives of our students.

Thank you all again for your patience and understanding in these trying times and we hope to see everyone soon.