Blue Bird of Alexandria > 2/24/20

Mar 24, 2020


We here at Blue Bird and all of our schools do understand the burden the spread of COVID-19 has placed on all of our families. We also appreciate all of the support and well wishes so many of our families have passed along to us and our committed staff.

We feel obligated to help everyone understand that our plans as of this moment do not stretch into the entirety of this pandemic. If this is to continue past the month of April we will be reevaluating how we continue, which entails coming up with a discounted tuition rate, once we will have more information about the capacity we will be working at. For those families who have paid for months in advance we cannot thank you enough and will be sure once everything returns to normal to work with all of you as you have with us.

Another question we have been asked many times as of late is in regards to our graduation. We feel it is too early to make a final decision as to wether graduation will still be occurring, and we will come to that decision once we have more information in the coming months.

We also have exciting news for our pre-k through 2nd grade classes. We will be trying out a new app to send activities and create groups children can go into to participate in learning activities together with other classmates. We will still have work folders for children to take home however feel this will be a nice supplemental tool as well. Please look forward to more information on this app in the coming days.

As always please be sure that your families stay healthy and safe during these unprecedented times.